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Maintaining a good work environment is essential to a business and can make employees more productive and efficient. By keeping your office clean, it will make it a place that people will want to spend time in.

The smell that an office gives off can have a great impact on how people work. With the windows kept closed all through the day, an office can trap in the smells and odours.

A fresh and good smelling office is essential if you want your employees to be their most efficient. Here are some of the best ways to keep your office smelling great every day.

Fresh air

Office spaces which have air conditioners can get in the habit of keeping the windows closed through the course of the day. However, this also means trapping in the smells that are emerging from the office. A good way to let out any unwanted smells and keep your office smelling good is to open out the windows for a while every day. Even if it is just for ten minutes before the day begins, it should be done, as this simple practice will let in some fresh air and can give the bad smells a chance to escape.


Plants are a great way and are incredibly beneficial if you want to keep your office smelling fresh all the time. Install indoor plants and flowers that are known for having a beautiful scent to give off a natural smell that is not overpowering. Plants are also great for regulating oxygen in the office and can boost productivity. Moreover, they add a brilliant aesthetic to the workplace whilst adding a splash of colour.

Keep it clean

Although it should go without saying, one of the easiest ways to make your space smell a little better is to tidy up. Make sure all your dishes are cleared from desks, vacuum or sweep and give appropriate surfaces a good wipe down.

It is impossible to avoid using the bins at work but don’t let it overflow. While this may come as a surprise, forgetting to empty the rubbish bins is one of the most over looked job within an office.


Even if you keep up a great daily cleaning schedule, dirt, oils, soil, food particles, mould, allergens, and more can build up within the fibres of your office carpet over time. To give your carpet more of a cleanse than the daily vacuum, you should think about an interim cleaning service.

This can involve techniques and products such as dry powder or foam, which can attract and lift dirt more thoroughly than a simple vacuum. Used on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, depending on the traffic in your office, this can really help to keep your carpets fresh.

Inviting scent

To refresh the office environment, it’s advisable to use objects that can give nice scents in order to deal with bad odour. Such products as essential oil diffusers and plug-in air fresheners are very helpful in this case. You may be tempted to use scented candles for this purpose, but it isn’t advisable for offices due to the health and safety risks.

Break room

Employees will have different choices of what they want to have for lunch. Some have got strong smells that other people won’t appreciate. Furthermore, there’s nothing one can do about someone else’s choice of food. Equipment like the microwave and the fridge may contain leftovers resulting in foul smells. This should be cleaned regularly. Don’t leave foods that attract flies and insects on the tables. There should be a policy that requires everyone to clean up their tables and do their dishes.

Keeping your office clean and smelling fresh is important. We are here to help you keep it that way throughout the year with our cleaning services and cleaning tips. Get in touch here.

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