As we enter into the summer months, your workspace may begin to produce an unpleasant smell due to the humidity. This means your office may need more care and attention than usual.

You should be looking to clean your workplace at least twice a week with individual workspaces being cleaned on a daily basis.

Here at Project Gleam, we will show you how you can keep your office clean and hygienic by following our simple steps.

Desks and Tables

Start by cleaning your desks and tables as these are a central part to your working day. It is where key equipment is kept, so try to place these elsewhere when cleaning to prevent any damage. We are all guilty of eating our lunch at our desk, but you would be surprised by how many germs and bacteria can harbour from food debris. 

Ensure your desk is cleaned and wiped down at the end of each day with an antibacterial spray and throw away any rubbish such as food wrappers, waste and drinks.

Kitchen area

Many people enjoy warming up a hot lunch in the company’s kitchen microwave. Food can splatter if a lid is not left on while heating it, so make sure the microwave is wiped down and cleaned thoroughly after each use. Leaving behind a dirty microwave for the next user can be very unsanitary. 

Wipe down countertops with a clean paper towel or pre-moistened antibacterial wipes. Germs can build up if you’ve put any food down or spilled something on them during the day. Never leave food out on the table if it is not being eaten, and make sure to also throw out discarded fast-food cups and containers.

If you spill something on the floor, clean it up immediately and make sure the floor is dry to avoid slipping hazards. Always wash your hands with soap and hot water before and after eating to help avoid spreading germs.


Every office should ensure that their toilet area for both male and females are regularly inspected and cleaned. Toilet hygiene is very important to consider.

If not properly cleaned, these washrooms will be a nuisance and hazardous to your employee’s health. In the workplace, unclean toilets can affect productivity through reduced employee morale and frequent sick days.

Clean and well-equipped toilets will help workers to practice personal hygiene. You should also ensure that they have sufficient running water, toilet paper, hand soaps and drying equipment.

Therefore, washrooms should be frequently cleaned with good quality cleaning products.


In summer, the floors will need to be cleaned on a daily basis. If you have carpet, then you should wash this within a month because it will see a high volume of traffic, making the floor dirty and can ruin its original look. Carpeted flooring can often have a build up of pollen and dust particles embedded in it. To get rid of this, it is better to use a vacuum for deep cleaning.

Windows and mirrors

It can be quite tedious when you want to see through a mirror, but window screens are not clean due to pollutants. Keep in mind to clean these surfaces with water and safe cleaning products. To clean your curtains, you may need help from professional cleaners. If you don’t know the exact type of chemical that is appropriate to use, it is best to hand this responsibility over to a team of cleaners who know. This will prevent any damage to your curtains and surfaces.

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