the dos and donts of office cleaning

Office cleaning involves cleaning, repairs, vacuuming and rubbish removal. 

Items such as computers, desks, kitchens, toilets amongst others will require regular cleaning to ensure a healthy and happy work environment.

Many employees may not be enthusiastic about scrubbing the floors or taking the rubbish out but read our top tips to keep your office looking clean and hygienic with minimal stress.

Kitchen and break rooms

If your office has a kitchen, you should take special care when cleaning it. Food should be stored in clean cabinets using clean containers. Remember to clean these daily to avoid you and your employees from becoming sick. 

It is important to clean the microwave, sink, work surfaces, tables on a daily basis as well as ensuring any food left over at the end of the week is removed from the fridge and that the fridge is wiped down. Some offices may have a break room that is separate from the kitchen. If this is the case, ensure that the break room is also cleaned on a daily basis.

It is a good idea to make a rota so everyone can share the responsibility of ensuring that the communal areas are kept clean and tidy. 


It is vital for the health and safety of employees that all bathroom areas are cleaned on a daily basis. Healthy employees means fewer days off due to sickness, which translates into more productivity. 

The floors in your office’s toilet’s should be mopped daily. Accidental spills on the floor are a given, but leaving them untended could cause pungent smells. Mopping the floor is the best way to eliminate this issue.


A major source of office clutter is messy desks. While some people work better in chaos conditions, the need to keep the desks clean is still present. 

You should install tissue and hand cleaning gel dispensers where your desks are. This will allow your employees to keep their working space clean and germ-free.

Try not to eat at your desk. Not only does food debris become a health hazard, it can also make you less productive. Take a break from your desk at break or lunch time and eat in the staff kitchen or in the warmer weather, sit outside.

Communal areas

If your office also has an area that’s designated for customers, such as a reception area or waiting room, it is essential to keep it as clean as possible. 

The seating area should be dust and stain free. You can easily do this with a duster and a couple of clean rags. Furthermore, if you have a carpet on the floor, you should be vacuuming it at least once a week.


If your electronic devices such as computers, laptops and printers are filled with dust, this may cause them to stop working. Whilst you are at work, it is your responsibility to look after them and ensure they are cleaned on a regular basis.

If you can, try and clean your electronic devices at least once a week. You can use a microfibre cloth which will not scratch any surface and will pick up dust and germs along the way. Focus on items that you touch on a daily basis such as the phone, computer keyboard and mouse. A damp cloth along with a disinfectant spray will work well.

Not everyone has enough spare time to do all the cleaning work and that’s where we come in. We are experts in cleaning and use top of the range products. Not having to spend extra time cleaning your office is a necessity for productivity.

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