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Many companies these days employ professional cleaners to spruce up the workplace and ensure that it is clean and hygienic.

However, personal items such as computers, phones and chairs may not be part of the cleaner’s duties; this means that employees should learn how to keep their own workspace clean in order to maintain a productive and clean working environment.

We explain our inexpensive office cleaning hacks that can be done in just a few minutes.


It has been revealed that the keyboard is one of the top five most germ contaminated spots in the office and is thought to harbour over 10 million bacteria’s.

It is important to ensure that you regularly clean your office keyboard to keep germs at bay. The best way is to unplug your keyboard from your computer and carefully turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake over a bin to get rid of any unwanted debris and crumbs.

You can also use cotton buds to clean the keys and gently wipe over with a damp cloth.

Monitors and screens
Over time, and especially in the sunnier months, your computer or laptop monitor will get dirty and dusty. Before cleaning, you should ensure everything is switched off and shut down.

If your monitor sits on a stand, remove it and place it on a sturdy and flat surface whilst wiping down the surface it sits on. Use a microfibre cleaning cloth and a small amount of water to make the cloth damp.

Never spray water directly on to the monitor, always spray onto the cloth first. It is not advised to use cleaning fluids, wax or any chemicals that could damage or harm your computer.


Keeping your office flooring, as well as doormats and runners clean, is something that can help improve your workplace environment.

By vacuuming on a frequent and regular basis, you can transform your office in many ways. It will firstly change the smell of your office. When you vacuum, you remove dirt, debris and bacteria that is thriving beneath the surface. Even if you have wooden flooring, this should be vacuumed and lightly mopped on a regular basis.

When you remove the dirt, you are ensuring that your office remains smelling fresh and clean every day.

A clean and fresh smelling floor can also improve the visual aspect of your office. If there is a stain or mark on the carpet it will be the first thing a visitor or client will notice and can be off putting. A clean and gleaming floor will help you make a good first impression.

Office chairs

Over the months, you will find that office chairs tend to gather dust. You should clean it on a regular basis to keep it well maintained and free from germs and bacteria.

By dusting and vacuuming your office chair, you will stop dirt entering the fabric and damaging the upholstery. If you have a vacuum with additional attachments, the best one to use the one with a brush end as this will catch any loose dirt and dust. Always clean from top to bottom.

The upholstery should be regularly wiped with a clean cloth rung out with warm soapy water. You should then dry it immediately with a non abrasive cloth. It is advisable not to use cleaning fluids or detergents as this can affect the colour and fabric of your chair.


The office kitchen is where many employees congregate to make their lunch or drinks. The key places to watch out for while cleaning the office kitchen are the countertops, fridges, microwave, bins and sink area.

Any spillages should be wiped up immediately. If the spillage has gotten on to the floor, it is essential to mop this up to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Countertops should be wiped down every time they are used and the floor should be cleaned at least once a day.

At the end of each week, the fridge should be cleared out and any food should be disposed of and wiped down.

Dishes and cups should be washed as soon as they are used. This ensures the kitchen is kept neat and tidy. No dishes should be left in the sink by the end of each day.


By taking a systematic approach to your office cleaning and maintenance, you will not only keep our office looking presentable and functional but save you time and money. Here at Project Gleam, we work with big and small office spaces to ensure they are clean and well run. We help our clients find solutions to manage their workplaces.

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