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It can be impossible to be productive in a messy and cluttered office. It can make you feel distracted and you can’t find anything you need. 

By de-cluttering your workspace and office, not only will you decrease your stress and anxiety levels, but will increase your productivity. A quick de-cluttering will make you feel refreshed and this will help you work more productively.  

Keep it clean

Maintaining a clean and tidy workspace not only means being more productive but it also means a healthy environment for you, colleagues and visitors.

Before you start to de-clutter, take everything off your desk and give it a good clean, focussing hard on areas such as computers, keyboards and phones as this is where germs and bacteria tends to build up.

Invest in products that you need to give your desk a regular clean such as antibacterial sprays, wipes, cloths and bin bags. With everything you need tucked away in the stationery cupboard, keeping your workstation and office free of dust and germs will be easy.

Essential equipment 

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your work area, you can start to put things back. Only put things back on top of your desk that you use on a daily basis. By keeping these things to hand, you no longer have to rummage about looking for it.

Keep stationery in a pot, preferably near the phone so if you need to write a message down, it is accessible. Keep any paperwork or files in a storage file or box. If you need to use these on a daily basis, keep them in a bookcase or on a shelf for easy access and ensure they are clearly labelled.

If you have personal items on your desk, try and keep them to a minimum. Whilst it is lovely to have photos of your family or drawings from your children, it can become a distraction and can add to the chaos of your desk. Why not keep items to a minimum and if possible, use a notice board to keep your desk as clear as possible.

Keep it or bin it?

As you place back your items onto your desk, this is the perfect time to have a good sort through of your supplies. Get a box or bin bag and label each one with the following; keep, store and bin.

When placing items back on your desk, think whether you use it daily and if so, please it on your desk. If you do not use the item on a regular basis, store away in a cupboard or shelf.

Finally, if you no longer need or use the item, bin it or give it to charity if in working order. Schools are always on the lookout for paper, pens and other stationery items.

Hard work pays off

It is easy for clutter to build up over time especially in a busy office but it is important to remember that all of the above tips will help keep your desk in good shape whilst you work.

The biggest thing you can do is to make sure you don’t allow mess to build up. Set up a routine where at a certain time every day, you’ll do a little tidying, make sure things are clean and that nothing is out of place. You’ll feel much better about your workspace this way, and a happy worker is a productive worker!

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