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Nobody likes to work in a dirty office, but like most workplaces, everyone is too busy to do something about it with meetings, deadlines, projects, and events to contend with.

However, it’s important that you make the extra effort to make sure things are nice and tidy. If you have too much clutter you and your colleagues can fall into a slump and become less productive.

Your office will act as the face of the company, potential clients may visit daily your workplace on a daily basis and will judge its appearance. You want it to look clean and professional don’t you?

Floor areas

One of the most important things you can do to improve cleanliness in the workplace is to create a floor cleaning plan. Offices and workplace floors can attract plenty of dust and grime.

Regular vacuuming is incredibly important if you have carpet to remove germs and hidden bacteria. If you have hard floors then you need to have a routine set for mopping them regularly. Regular deep cleaning of your floors should also play a part in your cleaning plan. Keeping the floors clean will help remove dust, and as a result, it will keep your team breathing easy as well.

Break areas

With regards to food, it’s usually a good idea to have specific rules for employees on where they are able to eat. It’s ideal to keep this concentrated in only specific areas as this will make it easier to clean later on and will prevent crumbs from going everywhere in the office.

Try and limit food consumption to a break room or staff area which will also help to prevent pests such as ants, mice, and other annoying creatures you don’t want to have in your office workplace. 

These areas should be cleaned and tidied on a daily basis.

Regular dusting

Dust has a habit of gathering in places that are not easily accessible and also settle on horizontal surfaces. Therefore, all the horizontal surfaces should be dusted on a weekly basis. Files, chairs, windowsills, bookcases and all types of furnishings should not be left out.


It can be easy to forget the telephones. However, a telephone is frequently used and accumulates plenty of germs. This can be counterproductive to keeping employees healthy. Offices with dirty phones have a higher number of workers calling in sick. Ensure that all the telephones in your office are cleaned on a daily basis.

This is a good opportunity, to rearrange furniture and reorganise work spaces. Ask staff at your next group meeting what they feel should be moved around to make their work spaces more efficient or what needs to be changed to improve traffic flow within the office. This might also be a good time to freshen up patient waiting areas with simple upgrades like new lamps, prints for the walls, and an updated assortment of magazines.

Don’t be afraid to combine doing those chores yourself and having cleaning services come in, too. Your number one focus is always on the business you do in your office, cleaning is important but doesn’t have to be time consuming. In case you don’t have enough time in the day to keep your space client-ready, allocate some or all of these chores to us. That way your team can stay on task while we do ours! 

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